Let us tell you a story.

Bourbon & Blues began with nothing more than true friendship and a grand vision...

A bond stronger than bourbon.

What happens when two Savannah-natives reunite after three decades? They toast with the smoothest bourbon and reconnect like no time has passed.

When Tony Woods and John Johnson first met, they were just a couple of young idealist boys growing up in Savannah, Georgia. Their lives took them on different paths, with Tony heading off to the military and John began working for an aviation company. Though they lost touch over the years, they each retained their memories of the friendship.

Bourbon & Blues was born.

Three decades later, the two reconnected when Tony moved back to Savannah. They were a little less young, but found the same friendship was still there. As the old friends caught up over (perhaps a few too many) rounds of bourbon – the soothing, somber tones of blues serving as their soundtrack – the two came to see bourbon and blues as the vehicle for their reawakened bond. 

In a world so divisive and disconnected, they thought, if only there were a way to bring people together to connect over such a fine shared experience.

And so, Bourbon & Blues was born.

Today, Bourbon & Blues events provide an inviting and inclusive atmosphere where people can lift their spirits over fine bourbon, live music, thoughtfully paired accoutrements, and of course – great conversation with people from all walks of life. 

In the bourbon industry, a “bonded bourbon” is one that’s been made at a single distillery, by one distiller, aged for at least four years and bottled at 100 proof. While the bonds made at B&B events may not fit that criteria, they’re somehow still even stronger than bourbon.

Bourbon & Blues cultivates a relaxed environment that is suitable for networking and congregating with family and friends. You also enjoy learning about different bourbon distilleries, exclusive cigars, and mouthwatering foods.

Kewaan D. - Event Attendee

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